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It was the summer of 1972, unbelievably 50 years ago, that Tony Stratton Smith came to Glasgow  to see String Driven Thing perform at Burns Howff and to sign them to his label. In the months that followed, the band’s second eponymous album was recorded and released and, before the year end, they would be… Read More…

Across the Atlantic & North Sea for soundchecks

Another month arrives and for your interest I have put up a couple of soundcheck videos. One is from one of our visits across the Atlantic. Not the famous gig supporting Genesis in New York but the shorter trip to Easdale Island near Oban. The other one is from one of our soujorns across the… Read More…

More Live Music and Interview

After a bit of a panic, the website is back and I am posting part 4 of my interviews with Chris, this time in his home studio setup. The live music is a recording of Into The Fire which starts midway into the song.  This was recorded in 2010 on our short tour of Germany

Interview Part 3

This is part 3 of my interviews with Chris.  This one takes place in Chris & Pauline’s back garden and backing vocals are provided by The Byrds…. not really, it’s the birds, who are in full song throughout.  

Interview part 2 & Graceland (live video)

Another year begins and I am pleased to say that I have renewed the hosting of this website for another two years.  It is my way of thanking all of you out there who keep Chris Adams and String Driven Thing in their thoughts.  I must apologise for the delay in adding stuff for your… Read More…